The Population Health Agent-based Simulation nEtwork (PHASE) is a UK Prevention Research Partnership funded research network that supports the use of agent-based simulation models in addressing population health challenges.

PHASE will bring together researchers, computer software developers, policy-makers, and voluntary organisations who are interested in understanding the complexities underlying public health challenges. We will provide networking events, training, resources and funding opportunities to develop and equip research teams with the knowledge, skills and support they need to develop ambitious agent-based modelling projects.

By supporting different groups to work together, we can build the capacity and expertise needed to develop innovative large-scale modelling projects that aim to tackle key public health issues like obesity, tobacco and alcohol use, and physical activity and exercise.

We aim to:

  • Build and support multi-disciplinary research teams focused on addressing population health challenges
  • Support methodological innovation
  • Co-develop research programmes between agent-based modelling specialists and evidence users
  • Provide evidence to enable change within complex systems to prevent
    non-communicable diseases

Our team

Professor Laurence Moore
Laurence Moore

PHASE Director
University of Glasgow

Rich Mitchell
Rich Mitchell

University of Glasgow

Steven Cummins
Steven Cummins

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Eric Silverman

University of Glasgow

Ruth Hunter
Ruth Hunter

Queen’s University Belfast

Mark McCann
Mark McCann

University of Glasgow

Alice Maclachlan
Alice MacLachlan

Network Co-ordinator
University of Glasgow

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Our funders

Working groups

Training Working Group

The Training Working Group will draw on existing expertise in delivering agent-based modelling training short courses across sectors. Group members will map existing agent-based modelling training courses and tutors, assess training needs within the UK population health community and develop an “Agent-based models for population health” short course curriculum.

Protocol Working Group

The Protocol Working Group will include experienced agent-based modellers and population health users who will build on existing modelling frameworks to create an agent-based modelling documentation protocol suitable for health-related simulations. This agent-based modelling for population health protocol will ensure that health models are thoroughly documented, easier to understand for non‑experts, and are more easily replicable by other research groups.

Software Construction Standards Working Group

The Software Construction Standards will be primarily formed of complexity and computer science members. This group will collaborate with software developers to disseminate foundational software engineering principles to PHASE members that encourage clean, well-documented, and well-constructed simulation code.

If you’re interested in joining one of our Working Groups, please email info@phasenetwork.org